Windows9X/Me GUI

Faccent is available for use on a wide variety of platforms. All versions offer the same functionality, and are tailored to the architecture of the specific to the Operating System. In all cases, the user interface source code is available through the Programmer’s Toolkit (API).


Available versions of Faccent:

  • Windows 9x/Me
    • This single-user version provides a user-friendly GUI interface.
  • Windows NT/2000/XP 
    • Faccent on NT is structured as a Client/Server application. The interpreter runs as an NT service, which is accessed from any NT or Windows system on the network.
    • Faccent was designed as a Client/Server application for the multi-user UNIX and LINUX environments. Its flexibility allows multiple instances of the interpreters (or a mix of both) to run concurrently. UNIX/LINUX is supported on the following hardware platforms:
Intel PC IBM Sun
Red Hat Linux
SCO Unix