Programmer`s Toolkit

The Faccent Programmer’s Toolkit allows ISVs, System Integrators and VARs to easily integrate Faccent’s powerful conversion capabilities into a wide range of facsimile and imaging applications.

The toolkit interfaces to both PostScript language and PCL5 interpreters. It contains a set of C language functions that provides extensive control of the conversion process.

The same Application Program Interface (API) calls are used for all configurations and operating systems. This provides easy migration to new environments. Faccent acts as a slave to your application. It reads the specified input file, performs the requested conversion, and outputs the result to file. The output data can optionally be returned directly to the application.

Below are just some of the features and options under the control of your application:

  • Input file type: PostScript, PCL5, ASCII, TIFF, PCX
  • Output file type: TIFF, PCX, uncompressed
  • Compression type: Group III non-fax, Group III class F, Group IV, PCX, DCX
  • G3 options: reverse video, byte order, bit order, EOL padding, single strip
  • Page mappings: no scaling, scale to fit, rotate
  • Output format: standard/fine resolution, pixels per line, number of scan lines
  • Template (overlay): none, same all pages, different each page

The API libraries are written in ANSI C (MSVC C++ for Windows version) and are provided in source format. Sample programs are also provided as an implementation guide. A copy of the complete API specification is available for download.